Saudi Royal Aviation.

A Case Study

Aircraft Operations, Safety and Security Certification, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Royal Aviation operates a privately-owned fleet of aircrafts dedicated to the travel demands of the Saudi Royal Family.

The Challenge

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), responsible for licensing all air transport related activity, issued a revised code of safety regulations, GACAR, to align regulations for all civil aviation services with ICAO safety standards. This came into effect March 1st 2016.

The promulgation of GACAR required all aircraft registered in Saudi Arabia and/or operating under a certified operator to be compliant with the relevant ‘air operator’s certificate’ (AOC); AOC Part 121S, 121U, 121US, 133 or 135 for commercial operators; GACAR Part 125 for private ones. A complex undertaking, the application-to-certification process can take up to a year to complete depending on the size of an operator’s fleet, the nature of its business and on whether the application is new or a recertification.

The Service

Following GACAR issuance, KAMS implemented its mandate to support the fleets’ recertification process by developing a full set of Flight Operations Manuals, Minimum Equipment Lists and Safety and Quality Manuals (Standards). Leveraging extensive business relationships and operational working experience with GACA to facilitate the approval and certification process, KAMS delivered end-to-end certification services including:

Seamless, end-to-end certification delivery: Conducted and managed the certification process from application to final approval and certification.

Advice and Support: Provided support and advice to help client navigate the certification process.


  • Certifications completed: turn-key licensing and certification, Part 121 and 125 for fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircrafts.
  • Other services: aircraft charter, addition of new fleet, aircraft completion, modification, acceptance and entry into service.