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Green Deck – 27 Jan 2021

Jeddah and Hampshire, 27 January, 2021/Press Release/ — KAMS Global Inc (“KAMS”), a leading aviation consultancy, signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Green Deck Operations Ltd (“Green Deck Ops”).

Travel and Tourism is a vital pillar of Saudi Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s strategy for attracting public and private sector investment into the country, diversifying the economy, and transforming the Kingdom into a global hub connecting Asia, Europe and Africa.

Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in travel and tourism infrastructure including commercial helicopter transportation services for business and private VVIP transport, sightseeing tours, pilgrimage trips and air ambulance services. This has led to a construction boom in the sector and significant demand for allied services such as the maintenance and management of rotorcraft terminals and helipads. 

Green Deck Ops will provide specialised aviation support particularly through-life capability management of onshore elevated, rooftop and ground level helipads. This includes initial design, equipment selection, oversight of installation, and crew training as well as regular professional crew development. Green Deck Ops will also conduct helipad inspections, issue certifications under applicable regulations and develop operating procedures.

“The agreement is in line with KAMS commitment to positioning Saudi Arabia at the forefront of the revolution transforming the aviation industry. We are looking forward to working with Green Deck Ops to offer best-in-class helicopter management and maintenance standards in Saudi Arabia,” said Moaaz Khanani, Managing Director of KAMS Global.

Simon Jones, owner of Green Deck Operations commented, saying, “Our company has built a reputation with our clients over the years for our professionalism, competence and above all our focus on enhancing and developing helideck and helipad safety systems in this highly regulated industry. We are honoured to be in a position to form this partnership with KAMS Global, allowing us to further enhance the safety of rotorcraft operations in the Saudi Arabian region.”


Green Deck Ops is a UK-based company specialising in aviation operations particularly onshore Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) and Helicopter Emergency Management Services (HEMS).  Additionally, Green Deck Ops has 30 years’ experience in ship / helicopter integration and training.

The company takes a holistic approach to managing offshore installations, vessels, and onshore helicopter landing sites. This includes efficient management of all aspects of the operational environment, compliance with all guidelines and regulations and maintenance of high safety standards across all operations. 

Green Deck Ops experience, competence, integrity, and credibility are the cornerstones of its operations. The company believes in improving the industry it works in through commitment and zeal.


KAMS Global is an aviation advisory and consultancy working to build a modern, efficient, sustainable aviation ecosystem in the Kingdom. It is committed to attracting investments in Saudi Arabia’s human capital and technological capability.

The company’s consultants combine unparalleled regional networks across the public and private sector with a wealth of industry experience and a keen appreciation of the Kingdom’s visionary ambitions.

KAMS Global helps its clients explore, craft, and implement clear, growth-led strategies in line with the government’s stated economic policy imperatives.

Press Enquiries:
Simon Jones
Managing Director

Moaaz Khanani
Managing Partner

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