Our Capabilities.

We are committed to transforming the rapidly growing aviation sector with bespoke solutions, rooted in high standards of safety and quality. We envision a sustainable world of aviation with a focus on future-led, innovative technologies. Most importantly we drive growth and value.


Governments, industry leaders, and innovators trust our extensive domain knowledge and project management experience to create tailored solutions. We have a track record of delivering high-profle projects for both public and private sector clients. Our focus is on delivering top-notch services specifcally designed for the evolving needs of aviation businesses in Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and beyond.

Unlocking Resources.

We excel at providing intelligent, efficient solutions thanks to our enduring relationships with key decision-makers in the Middle East and our access to proprietary industry data and market research.


We are investing in a growing ecosystem of partnerships with innovative technology firms to introduce new technologies and ways of thinking across the aviation industry value chain, thereby contributing to revenue growth and adding value to customer services.


People Power.

Our dedicated operations team, powerfully led by senior industry leaders, brings years of invaluable local knowledge and global experience to the table. They are well-versed in industry trends and committed to Vision2030 goals, ensuring that every customer receives personalized and efficient solutions for their aviation needs.

Our Capabilities include licensing and certification for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft fleet, assets and resource management as well as operations and technical services. We also provide ancillary services such as hangar and aviation lighting solutions, helicopter and helipad capability management and solar-powered, intelligent air traffic advisory solutions.


Advisory & Consulting

We are working with policy makers, regulators and aviation service providers to create a modern, state of the art aviation services industry capable of servicing the needs of the Middle East’s aviation industry within a framework of the most rigorous international safety and security standards.

Operations and Management

Drawing on the direct industry experience of our multinational network of advisors, we help clients implement commercial, operational and transformational plans to deliver best-in-class operational efficiency with innovative, value-driven solutions.

Technical and Asset Management

We draw upon the technical expertise of aviation professionals with decades of industry tenure to offer engineering and technical support across the full aircraft lifecycle. We manage a wide range of complex projects from delivery, redelivery and repossession to leasing, procurement and CAMO services for OEMs, airlines, MROs and leasing companies.