Quality Policy

KAMS Global provides aviation advisory, consulting, and technical services firm, with a strong network of strategic, local, and global partnerships, offering comprehensive commercial and business aviation solutions.

Our services include airline start-ups, aviation economics, asset life-cycle management, aircraft operations and management and air operator licensing and certification

Management and employees are committed to:

  1. “Care of clients”.
  2. Setting up high standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism, and teamwork.
  3. Engaging and empowering employees training and development and providing latest tools and best working environment to the employees to better serve the customers.
  4. Providing superior services with highest standards of safety and quality.
  5. Enhancing business by retaining existing customers and engaging new customers.
  6. Comply with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and continually improve QMS effectiveness.
  7. Achieve the documented and approved quality objectives.
  8. Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and continual improvement of our Quality Management System performance and quality of the provided products and services.
  9. Encourage change as the only way for improvement.
  10. Continuous monitoring and analysis of customer complaints, deviations, and errors.
  11. Systematic monitoring of changes in the external environment, in relation to technological developments, customer expectations and trends of the market.
  12. Targeted and continuous training of workforce regarding the obligations of compliance
    with quality by focusing on awareness

The quality policy is communicated and understood by all employees of KAMS Global. The Quality policy is periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.