Inflatable Hangars

Aviatech – Heavy Duty, Customised, Inflatable Hangars

Aviatech, a global supplier of inflatable hangars to a wide range of industries including aviation, is an important player in the small but growing portable hangars industry. 

“Delivery from 30 days and no need of construction permits. Large portable hangars that extend and speed up your operational capabilities, leaving no environmental footprint.”

Key features of Aviatech’s inflatable hangars are:

1.     Durability: 

·      built to last up to 17 years 

·      withstand temperatures from as low as -60℃ to over +70℃

·      winds of up to 45 m/s and 

·      snow loads of up to 200 kg/m2

2.     Environmentally-friendly: made of PVC materials

·      Recyclable

·      Reusable

·      reinforced 

3.   User-friendly: 

·    modular

·    lightweight

·    easy to transport and erect 

4.     Hassle-free: 

·      no foundations or groundwork required 

·      no building permits or applications required

5.     Customisable: clients can request a range of custom specs 

·      water and HVAC networks

·      cargo cranes and pneumatic lifts 

·      security and fire-fighting systems 

Inflatable hangars are a revolutionary innovation with immense industrial application potential particularly in climatically extreme regions. They are the perfect solution for inhospitable terrain or remote locations and importantly, do not leave an environmental footprint.  

“With over 250 global projects in disparate climates and terrains, Aviatech has been a proven partner for clients across construction, oil & gas, mining, aviation and defense often building portable hangars customised to client specifications.”  Aviatech has delivered over 200 custom made hangars, working with multinational global clients. For more information on the company, read our press release.

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