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Though the pandemic did not sound the death knell for aviation, it has had a sobering effect on its spirit. In a word, the industry has ‘grown up’. The impulsive, headlong growth in any market at any cost phase is over. Governments, regulators, airlines have stepped back to consider next steps and strategies in a changed world; to leverage technology, address climate change, operate sustainably, increase efficiencies, improve health and safety standards, deliver revenue and profit growth, all while managing the pressures of see-sawing demand and dealing with one crises after another.

And they are turning to experts specializing in each of these sectors for advice. Experts willing to engage over the long-term and offer advice rooted in deep industry knowledge and broad market experience; experts with strong industry-specific networks and the desire to provide a personalized service; experts with specialist experience in particular niches; experts committed to the quality of their client engagements not the quantity. 

Clients, big and small, are looking for tailored, well thought out solutions that reflect the business, regulatory, economic, socio-political and increasingly, cultural, realities of their operating environment. One size no longer fits all in the advice stakes. So while big firms have historically dominated the aviation consulting landscape, boutique operators (advisers, experts, specialists, whatever you call them or they call themselves) are rapidly coming into their own. 

What makes a consulting firm ‘boutique’?

Size, style and specialisms. 

Boutique consulting firms tend to be small partnerships offering specialist services to clients in a niche market industry or sector. They work closely with their clients, building strong relationships on a culture of consensus, collaboration and communication. 

They are entrepreneurial and innovative in their approach to problem-solving; nimble and responsive in their approach to client-management. As partnerships of experts (often highly experienced consultants from larger firms), specialist consulting firms are neither hierarchical nor staffed by armies of junior consultants. Clients have direct, and often immediate, access to senior consultants and experts who in turn work closely together to improve productivity. This creates a much more efficient working culture compared to one at larger consulting firms where queries, concerns, comments or even simple approvals often must travel up and down the managerial ladder. At small firms, there is no ladder; clients work directly with senior management.

As niche subject matter experts, these firms are able to use their in-depth knowledge and understanding of an industry’s market, competition, regulations and best practices to offer a broader perspective of the market and to provide solutions and services minutely tailored to the needs of each client. Boutique or specialist consulting firms tend to invest significant time and resource into building long-term client relationships, understanding not just the services or products offered by a business but also the challenges and opportunities that could impact its immediate and future growth.

Both parties save on time and resources, keep costs down and deliver better value for money. 

Why should you choose to work with a specialist consulting firm, especially in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a dynamic young economy making great strides towards achieving its ambitious Vision2030 aspirations. Investment is pouring in, the regulatory environment is evolving, the economy is growing, the culture and society is opening up. Saudi Arabia is clearly the 21st century’s #landofopportunity.

As an independent aviation consultancy committed to supporting the government of Saudi Arabia realise the goals of Vision2030, we provide strategic, operational and technical support to local, regional and global public and private sector clients wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia and more broadly, the GCC.

Our specialists combine broad knowledge of the Middle East’s regulatory, economic, business and socio-political environment with a wealth of experience across aviation economics, technical consulting and aircraft and airports management in Saudi Arabia, the GCC and international markets.

Our understanding of local customs, attitudes and ways of working enables us to guide our clients, helping them to build strong relationships, to establish and grow their businesses, and with our support, to commit to long-term investments in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

As a specialist aviation consulting firm, we are proud partners of local and global businesses exploring opportunities and expanding services in the country and the broader region. Explore our services or get in touch to find out how we can support you.

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